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Biodiversity as a leitmotiv

It is by recreating a plural ecosystem, as close as possible to the initial balances that we can hope to restore the biological diversity - fauna and flora - essential to the harmonious development of the individuals who make up our biotope.
​ Restoring this biodiversity is an integral part of our project. It is by combining hedges, fruit trees, vines, ancillary crops and market gardening, honey plant, and small breeding that we will get there. 

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Permaculture as an aim

Permaculture tends to recreate a stable, perennial cultural ecosystem, as close as possible to natural conditions. It studies the interaction of all its components and is therefore not set in stone.

This ecosystem creates its own fertility. It is no longer dependent on fertilizing inputs from the industrial world that consume fossil energy.

Permaculture also tends to replace all biocides (fungicides, insecticides, acaricides, ...) by natural means of control (e.g. natural defense activators).

Permaculture  reuses all its waste.

Finally, it integrates human activity in all its processes.

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